Adobe backtrack on Premium Features licensing

You are receiving this communication because you registered for Flash Player Premium Features licensing.
As of January 29, 2013 (the “Change Date”), the XC APIs are no longer considered Premium Features under the terms of the ADOBE PREMIUM FEATURES FOR FLASH PLAYER and ADOBE PREMIUM FEATURES FOR FLASH PLAYER REGISTRATION SITE ADDITIONAL TERMS OF USE (the “Additional Terms”).
As of the Change Date, use of XC APIs will be subject solely to the terms of the End User Software License Agreements for any tools or runtimes used in the development of your games or applications. Developers and publishers that have published content using the XC APIs do not need to make any changes to their content to reflect this change.
With this change, your obligation to report revenue and fees under the Additional Terms is terminated.


Thankyou, common sense has prevailed at Adobe, at least for a short time! GJ

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