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Cricket and technology: A solution to the DRS debacle

Cricket is not tennis and the DRS in it’s current incarnation has brought the game of cricket into more disrepute than any on or off-field act. Here is a blueprint for DRS 3.0 1. Automatically review every OUT decision. The

Java EE to the rescue again (RIP Spring – part 2)

Java EE has been a saviour on a number of occasions. Firstly, it saved Java from oblivion back when Sun thought Applets were the future of Java. It has also saved enterprises looking for a stack that doesn’t lock them

R.I.P Spring Framework (part 1)

The spring framework, Windows and the global economy have something in common. They are all dead but don’t know it yet. Back in the day, when Sun Microsystems specified J2EE, one of it’s primary goals was to abstract the complexities

Australian Rules Football – Laws of the game gone mad

AFL laws driving me to distraction It wasn’t so long ago that my loudest jeers were reserved for the umpires at the Gabba after they make some blunder paying an undeserved free kick to the opposition team (usually Carlton) inside

Adobe backtrack on Premium Features licensing

You are receiving this communication because you registered for Flash Player Premium Features licensing. As of January 29, 2013 (the “Change Date”), the XC APIs are no longer considered Premium Features under the terms of the ADOBE PREMIUM FEATURES FOR

Ella Speller goes live!

Ella Speller is launched! Ella has turned 5 years old and is heading off to school in the new year. She is really starting to show an interest in learning to read (because Dad doesn’t always pay attention when she

Ella Speller

Almost there…my 4 year old daughter, Ella has inspired me to create a game to kickstart the reading and writing process. Starting with the most simple three letter words, from pre-school, kids will be able to use phonics to spell

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