Ella Speller goes live!

Ella Speller is launched!

Ella has turned 5 years old and is heading off to school in the new year. She is really starting to show an interest in learning to read (because Dad doesn’t always pay attention when she is asking for help).

We have come up with a set of 3-letter words that can be recognised from a drawing and can be sounded out (using phonics). 63 words in total, divided into seven levels with 9 words in each. The first level is free to play with no ads. Levels 2-7 are unlocked with an In-App-Purchase. Once unlocked, you can play the first 3 levels and collect points. To play level 4 onwards (when completed), children will have to achieve a certain score on each of the first 3 levels.

Ella has been testing this game for a while now and providing lots of useful feedback, as well as her voice while her big brother is on the piano. It is really amazing how quickly she has picked up spelling. After a few days, she picked a book for her bedtime story and Dad took a little too long to get there so she decided to start reading it herself! Wow!

She loves the game, asks to play it on the phone and when she gets to prep next year, the teachers will be in for a surprise!

On Google Play right now. Apple IOS coming shortly.

Android app on Google Play

Download on the app store